About Us

about1FACTooling is the result of several guys in the carbide tool industry for a long time trying to figure out a better way to bring high quality carbide cutting tools to a very mature market that had operated under the same constraints for decades. Tools from most companies cost the same because their overhead costs and material costs were all pretty much the same.

While having dinner one evening one of the guys showed the others a slide from a manufacturing seminar he had been to a few years earlier. It said “Good, Fast, Cheap – Pick any two.” This old saying began many long conversations on the part of these guys who decided to develop a plan for a new business. It would be different.

They knew that changing the cost structure of carbide tooling by reducing their capital investment and building mutually beneficial relationships with carbide manufacturing companies would put them in a more competitive place. With that in mind they committed to use their experience and talent as tool and cutter machinists, machine builders, material engineers and businessmen to start FACTooling LLC.

By putting all of these skills to work and forming partnerships with software and control companies we were able to build our own highly accurate, extremely versatile CNC tool and cutter grinding machines with significantly less capital investment than if we had purchased a third party grinding machine. This effort has given us far greater capacity across a larger product mix to meet the needs of our customers at exceptional pricing.

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with high quality products, excellent customer service and ultra competitive pricing. Rather than “Picking Two,” we are proud to deliver all three.